Read some of our testimonials that boast the effectiveness of ditto™.

  • "ditto™ is a hand-held class 1 medical device that uses diversionary therapy to reduce pain and anxiety while improving healing times and productivity.” Crosshouse hospital uses ditto™ in their orthopaedic unit to lower kids’ anxiety during procedures."

    ditto-devices Crosshouse Hospital
    Crosshouse Hospital
  • "I have been using ditto™ when having my dressings changed. ditto™ really helps when you’re trying to put your mind off any pain that you have to go through..."

    ditto-devices James, age 10
  • "We are excited to incorporate the ditto™ into our patient care routine. Using the ditto™ to ease anxiety in pediatric patients is helpful not only to improve the patient’s outcome but helpful to clinicians so they can best perform a procedure.”

    ditto-devices Karene Baird, Orthopaedic Specialist Nurse
    Orthopaedic Specialist Nurse



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