ditto™ lite is a more economical version of ditto™ designed for environments that don’t require a certified medical device.

It uses the same programs to deliver the same immersive content that helps children understand the clinical procedure they’re about to undergo.

Unlike ditto™, ditto™ lite is not waterproof (it can still be easily cleaned for infection control) but it does have a larger, easier-to-use 10-inch screen.


ditto™ lite content

hospitalHospital Procedural Preparation
stories help to alleviate a child’s
anxiety about hospital procedures through education. Read more

interactiveInteractive Games involve navigating an object or character through an obstacle
course collecting rewards along the way. Read more

look-findIn a Look and Find story, the child must help the character progress through
the narrative by finding certain items hidden in each scene. Read more


ditto™ content videos

Modules are generally available in both English and Spanish.


ditto™ lite
ditto™ dental