ditto™ dental uses diversionary therapy techniques to reduce children’s stress and anxiety before, and during dental procedures. It’s already in use in the USA, the UK and Australia.

Promo_dittoDental_image-colourditto™ dental is an immersive educational and entertainment device that calms the patient through helping them understand what’s happening to them when they have a dental procedure.

Clinical trials also show ditto™ can cut treatment times by as much as 30% and accelerate healing up to 20%. ditto™ also reduces cancellations and lowers the cost of treatment.


ditto™ dental content

hospitalDental Procedural Preparation
stories help to alleviate a child’s
anxiety about hospital dental through education. Read more

interactiveInteractive Games involve navigating an object or character through an obstacle
course collecting rewards along the way. Read more

look-findIn a Look and Find story, the child must help the character progress through
the narrative by finding certain items hidden in each scene. Read more


 ditto™ dental content videos

Modules are generally available in both English and Spanish.


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ditto™ dental