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There is a new emphasis in the clinical arena to establish better anxiety management for children undergoing medical treatment and procedures. With advancements in the understanding of anxiety, protocols have evolved into a mixture of medication and diversionary therapy principles that holistically improve management.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane Centre for Burns Research has written a number of clinical papers about ditto™. Controlled, randomized trials show ditto™ measurably and significantly reduces distress and anxiety in children in the clinical environment, improves the productivity of medical professionals and delivers substantial cost benefits to health administrators.

Diversionary Therapy Technologies maintains close links with Professor Roy Kimble and staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane, and continues to monitor feedback gained in regular clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Research Papers

1Play and heal: Randomized controlled trial of ditto™ intervention efficacy on
improving re-epithelialization in pediatric burns Read Paper

2Biological markers of stress in
pediatric acute burn injury Read Paper

3Predictors of re-epithelialization in
pediatric burn Read Paper

4Efficacy of a children’s procedural preparation and distraction device on healing in acute burn
wound care procedures: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Read Paper

Clinical Trials Abstracts

1Multi-modal Distraction: Using Technology to Combat
anxiety in Young Children with Burn Injuries Read Abstract

2The Efficacy of an Augmented Virtual Reality System to Alleviate anxiety in Children
Undergoing Burns Dressing Changes: A Randomized Controlled Trial Read Abstract

3The Emergence of Multi-Modal Distraction as a
Paediatric anxiety Management Tool Read Abstract

4The Development of a Paediatric anxiety
Management Device Read Abstract

The Design of a Tangible Interaction Device to Alle5viate Anxiety and anxiety
in Paediatric Burns Patients Read Abstract

6A Novel Technology Approach to anxiety Management in Children with Burns:
A prospective randomized controlled trial Read Abstract

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