About us

dittoWorking with children who experience anxiety and trauma every day is a great challenge for health care professionals.

At Diversionary Therapy Technologies Pty Ltd we transform promising university research into practical, usable commercial devices that improve people’s health.

ditto™ began with a vision: to design a device using the concepts of
virtual reality.  We aimed to embrace this challenging issue in the care of children and provide a vital solution with far reaching implications; to help children aged between the ages of three and 14 anywhere the child may feel pre-procedure anxiety or stress in the hospital environment.

Our collaboration with Professor Roy Kimble at the Royal Children’s Hospital Stuart Pegg Paediatric Burns and Trauma Service enabled us to provide a vital solution with far-reaching implications. ditto™ provides that solution, not only within a burns service, but throughout the hospital experience anywhere a child may feel pre-procedural anxiety or stress.

We have worked with our clinical partners to complete extensive randomized controlled trials. These then drove the development of a portable device that is hand-held, intuitive and waterproof.



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